On a bit of a tangent…no nursery inspiration today. I’m doing a bit of a makeover to an old console (will show photos once it’s done), plus I’m hoping by making my to do list public, I will get it all done!!!
We’ve been in our new home 8 months (yes, we moved in 3 weeks before baby H joined us!!!) and there are quite a few projects on my list to do.
1. Find table lamps for our bedside tables…..am I super fussy because there isn’t a single one I like?! Actually I did find 1 but I wanted 2 of them and there is only 1 left in Australia. I’m after something silver & white (we have a dark grey wall behind our bed)……something like this

image from here

2. Make a bed head. I like to think I can make things and I don’t want to pay a heap so I’m on the look out for the right fabric.

Bedroom to look something like this when I’m done! Image from Sarah Richardson

3. Find a cool chair and dresser for our master bedroom. I did just look at one on e-bay which would look funky but not convinced yet. I also need a narrow dresser/bench and a pretty mirror to put above it!

4. Finally get to Freedom (our next trip to Melbourne) and get me a silver dome light.

image from here

5. And this 1 is the point of my post…..do SOMETHING with my difficult wall in our Lounge!!! We have a gorgeous white leather corner suite that is against this ‘difficult’ wall and we have a highlight window above it (why I decided to put this window here, I’ll never know!), so very limited wall space but the room desperately needs an injection of colour. So the makeover I’m working on is destined for this space. Here’s a before picture (ignore H’s toys & mess!)….

6. Now I’m nearly ashamed to even put this up…..this is my pile of magazines that I haven’t gotten around to reading/ripping apart since Hugh was born, so this goes on the list to.

I’m going to see my Grandma in regional NSW tomorrow, so I’ll be back on board Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love that lamp you've posted and that bedroom is beautiful. As per your high window, it's funny how some things are fine on paper but not so good in reality. I'm sure you'll come up with a way to love this choice – could you put some sort of shelf below it? Looks like you have a great collection of magazines to work your way through – I'm always sad when I get to the end of a good mag. Have a great weekend Belinda! x

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Amanda, shelves below the window! That bedroom is BEAUTIFUL! Good idea to put your to-do list on your blog, I should do that too as our bedroom makeover is on the top but i'm so indecisive that I keep ignoring it. Have a nice time with your Grandma.
    Janette x

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